Book Clubs

Book Clubs

Book club is my favorite night of the month!

(Or afternoon, if we’re seeing a movie!)

I love to gather with my friends and talk about the books we’ve read—how they challenged us, surprised us, entertained us or kept us up at night. But my second favorite night of the month is any night that I get to speak, either live or via the wonders of modern technology, with book clubs that have read my novels. If your book club is looking for its next selection, I hope you’ll consider one of my books, and then invite me to join you when you meet to discuss it.

If your club meets in Colorado’s central Front Range, chances are I can attend your book club meeting in person. Make sure everyone brings their copy of the book to be signed! If your club meets outside of this area, then we have three options:

~ Skype (if your computer is equipped with a camera, speakers, and a microphone)

~ Phone (yes, a conference call–just make sure the phone has a speakerphone option!)

~ IM chat (I’m a really fast typist, as you might imagine, so while this option is a little less personal, we can still cover a lot of ground)

Use the contact form to contact me regarding a book club meet-up of any kind, and be sure to tell me both the location of your club and your time zone. Signed bookplates are available for non-live meet-ups, so you can still get your copy of the book signed and personalized.


If you’re not in a book club, but want to be, here are a few options you might consider:


1. Check out The Book Club Network, The Readers Circle, or Meetup. com to find book clubs in your area, or check out online book clubs like She Reads, The Reading Room, and the groups on Shelfari and Goodreads. (Shelfari also has a search engine for live book clubs, and The Book Club Network also has online book clubs.)

2. Start your own! Book clubs are not rocket science, just friendly gatherings of friends who like to read. So email some friends, whip up some guacamole, and circle up the dining room chairs for a couple hours once a month. My book club rotates location monthly, with the hostess being the one who selects the novel being discussed at her house. Other options are to meet at your favorite coffee shop, the back room at IHOP, or even your local bookstore. You can even use Google+ or Facebook to build circles or groups of non-local friends and start your own online book club!