Monday Musings: Supporting the habit

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If I could only do one thing as a job for the rest of my life, I’d choose to write books. It’s no exaggeration to say that writing is in my blood, and of all the things I am, all the labels I wear, writer is the one that comes most naturally. There is, however, a vast difference between writing books and selling them–to a publisher, to a reader–and because of that, and because selling books does not bring in the benjamins the way some people assume it does, I have to find ways to support my habit, as well as my family.Some of you know about the job searching Dan and I have been doing since this summer to support ourselves while still allowing us to write. What a ghastly, depressing business that is–especially when virtually none of the jobs you apply for send you any kind of acknowledgement that they’ve received your application and you almost never have any idea if they’re still looking for someone or if the position has already been filled. Not a good spot to be in when you’re the kind of person who craves closure.

But one job did in fact contact me, and after jumping through a couple easy hoops, I found myself with a job. A writing job, no less, for Remilon, the folks behind Education Portal Academy, which is a pretty sweet system, let me tell you. I’m honestly able to say that I’m honored to be a part of this company, which is awesome, because it would really bite to have to strain my brain for some lame job that I could care less about. And I am straining my brain. Wow. A very different kind of writing. The best part is that the hours are completely up to me, as long as I complete a certain number of articles or work at least 15 hours a week. Which means, once Dan snags something (and it looks like he may be close!) I’ll be able to pull back a bit and have more time to write.

Then a unique opportunity presented itself to me via a friend on Facebook–one of those friends that you don’t actually know, but somehow got connected with anyway. She is a distributor for It Works Global, a health and wellness company that sells, among other things, this cool herbal wrap that both detoxes you and firms your skin in as little as 45 minutes. They’re the only company making this thing, and they’re growing at an insane rate, and after reading about the product and realizing that, if I wanted to get in for half the usual price, I needed to move quickly, I jumped on the bandwagon to become a distributor myself. Dan and I wrapped for the first time this past week, and inches (and pounds!) were indeed lost. I joined just in time to get in on the $10,000 bonus promotion, too, so I’m busting my butt (which will soon be smaller, thanks to the wrap!) to obtain it because an extra $400 a month for the next two years would be mighty nice to have.

This does not mean my blog will become some big sales pitch–per company rules I would have to create a blog dedicated solely to my business if I wanted to blog about it frequently, and heaven knows I have a hard enough time finding time to blog here! But I do hope you’ll check out my distributor website and let me know if you have any questions about the products or want to try a body wrap for only $25 (or for free if you know a few folks who’d also want to join you in trying one), or if you want to take advantage of the half off start-up sale they’re doing and become a distributor yourself. Success with network marketing is more about timing than anything else, and this is definitely a perfect time to join It Works. (They even have UK, European and Australian offices, for my international friends!)

So, all that to say, we’re hoping and praying that all this will be enough to keep us afloat so Dan and I can continue to spend hours at a time basking in the glow of our computer screens as we pursue the muse and set our imaginations free in the worlds of our minds’ making. Dicey though it sounds, I wouldn’t want it any other way.



  1. Alison, First let me say that upon reading this particular post I was shocked to read that you have not yet reached the status of being independently wealthy, because your books are awesome. I’m certain they will reach a million in sales over their publication life. But with regards to this post, it’s amazing how God always provides. Much like that guy in the bible when God used a crow to deliver food to him on the mountain side. Just when you begin to get discouraged, all of a sudden a “little bird” shows up with a job in it’s beak.

  2. I love that you dream of writing and are working on making that a reality! Way to go! Praying for you.

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