Alison Strobel keeps getting better and better. Composing Amelia is a novel I consider to be a lasting work of fiction.

Ane Mulligan, editor Novel Journey


Welcome to the online home of author Alison Strobel. Are you looking for emotionally gripping and mentally satisfying books that will make a lasting impression? Characters so real you forget they’re fictional? Stories with complex, meaningful and often familiar issues? Then you’re in the right place. Pick a book and be prepared to be touched by stories saturated in mercy, love, hope and grace.





“Very rarely, as you know, can I give a five-star rating to a book, but Alison Strobel, with this magnificent story, SHOULD receive ten stars!”

-Amy Lignor, Once Upon A Romance

“Strobel is a master at exploring the inner workings of the heart. I love how she writes her characters.”

-Michelle Sutton, author 


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